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HVAC Catalog Design

Editorial Design , Typography

Printed quarterly catalog for Daikin Distribution HVAC Parts & Supplies.

Parts & Supplies needed updated visuals and layouts to make customers able to easily identify not only the Daikin brand but the Parts, Supplies & Accessories catalog in print and in an online publication.

We made a tight grid where we could fit a variety of products onto a page without losing the identity of each product group’s brand and visuals.
Once the design was complete it was prepped for production where 4 national variations of the catalog are made with custom parts offerings.
Page layouts were labored over to find a clean more product visible view while still having a dense offering on each page.

Daikin / Goodman

Manufacturing & Industrials

Editorial Design


Project Team
Zach Hallum
Design, Layout, Project lead

Paul J
Co-Creative Director

Tim M
Creative Director

Sami E