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Ahhh another start to a year. Its busy man. Really busy. You know your a full blown adult-child when you no long have time to do all the things you want in one day. I remember growing up I would always ask my Dad, “well, why cant we do that or this?”. There is not enough time to do it all. Bad or good; It makes you choose. I choose to do cool shit everyday. Some projects get done and others waste away waiting for their turn for attention. Someday Volvo…Someday.


But Hey other awesome things get to happen when your time is short. Projects continue. The Clean Cup is finally going into production after almost two years of development and shit storms on ut ohs. Yes, its the little ball washer that could. The game will never be the same! Okay, so maybe thats over stating it but bringing a product to market like this has been interesting and quite the learning experience.

Ran out of time…. till Next Time.